Credit: CBS, Courtesy of the Everett Collection, Derek Storm/Courtesy of the Everett Collection

Suddenly, we have sympathy insomnia.

You know that dream that so many of us have now and then, the one in which we’re standing in front of our high-school class and… we don’t have any clothes on? Well, Camryn Grimes revealed on November 19 that she’d just had what may well be the actors equivalent of that nightmare.

“I just had a dream that I was hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time with Ryan Gosling and Jeff Goldblum,” she began, “and decided to wing the opening monologue.”

OK, at this juncture we might have had to remind ourselves that the Young & Restless Emmy winner was describing a dream, therefore there was no reason to run and see if the episode was on Hulu. That would be quite a trio of hosts, though, huh? Anyway, it didn’t go well. Grimes “totally bombed,” she tweeted, “and everyone was really mad at me.

“I will never recover from this dream,” she added.

As traumatic as that sounds — and in front of Gosling and Goldblum, no less — we might never recover, either, just from reading her account of it.

Kidding aside, it’s smart, funny posts like that that make Mariah’s portrayer such an appealing presence on social media. So we were thoroughly annoyed on her behalf when she shared a humorous video about Nick and Phyllis’ tumultuous romance and took more [bleep] about it than we do even when we spell an actor’s name wrong. Lighten up, everybody!

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