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Will Chance come home in time for Thanksgiving?

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of November 22 – 26, as the holidays approach not everyone is in the mood to celebrate. Read on for the details and watch the teaser video.

Lily and Billy scrambled after one of their employees, who it appears was scammed by Adam, went ahead and published the story on Gaines’ allegations against Locke. After they were sued for libel, Billy went groveling to Victor to save the company, even offering to leave the business if the Newmans wouldn’t punish Lily for his mistakes. Next week, Ashland and Victoria meet with Billy and Lily, who assume they want an apology. Instead, Ashland wants to make them an offer. Will Ashland call in Billy’s offer to step down in order to save the company, or might Ashland and Victoria propose a buyout?

Michael informed Amanda that he felt the jury in Sutton’s trial was against him, but Amanda knew her grandfather was an expert at playing people. After deliberating, the jury is ready to render their verdict. Will Amanda finally get justice for her father?

Phyllis continued to lean on Jack and even gave thought to reuniting with him, which she felt was crazy given their history. As Thanksgiving approaches, Phyllis runs into Gloria and assumes she’s also flying solo for the holiday. Glo isn’t, but then realizes poor Phyllis is!

Finally, after asking Devon to take care of Dominic, Abby left town to get her head together and heal. Continuing to feel Chance wasn’t dead, Abby reached out to contacts that once helped him while he was in Iraq and was told Chance was with them and alive, but in a bad way. As Abby makes her way to Spain, Ashley plans to do the same to find her daughter and bring her home. However, she could wind up bringing Abby and Chance home for the holidays.

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