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If the tycoons were to turn on one another, it would be a clash of the titans the likes of which we haven’t seen since The Mustache first crossed swords with Jack.

Imagine it, Young & Restless fans: This is just the calm before the storm, a period of peace between the two most important men in Victoria’s life, a blissful truce that could at any moment boom! End! If it did, and Ashland and Victor found themselves at odds instead of in sync, what then?

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For one thing, we’d get an epic battle, one that’s truly worthy of Victor’s time and attention. (Sorry, but Billy Boy is a gnat that he’d swat away, not an opponent he’d bother to take on.) For another, we’d get to see how Victoria’s latest husband really earned that Locke Ness Monster nickname.

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“There’s a duality to Ashland, which is the beauty of a character like him,” portrayer Richard Burgi tells Soaps.com. “I think it’s probably true of most people in the real world as well. People aren’t just one thing, and they aren’t always the thing that they present to the world.”

Certainly, Ashland’s fearsome reputation suggests that he isn’t merely the romantic who swept Victoria off her feet or the easy prey that couldn’t dispense with blackmailer Gaines on his own. “There’s a side to Ashland that’s charming and funny and polite,” Burgi observes. “We have a sanitized, almost domesticated way of doing things thanks to evolution.

“But there’s also a savage side to all of us,” he adds. “You don’t want to come between a mother bear and her cub, or you don’t want to cross a man who is trying to protect his family or survive.”

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Though we’ve had issue with the role Victor has recently been left to play — maybe you read about that? — historically, he has not someone whose bad side you wanted to be on. Or near. Or even aware of! And, says Burgi, “In many ways, Ashland and Victor are similar. Even certain aspects of their backgrounds are similar.”

So, what would happen were the two of them have occasion to stop playing nice? “I would take him in a heartbeat,” Burgi says in character. Oh, really? Using what weapons? “Chicanery, underhandedness and brute force.”

Like the sound of that! What do you think, Young & Restless fans? Would Ashland stand a chance against the great and powerful Victor Newman? On your way to the comments, remind yourself of what the Locke Ness Monster would be up against by perusing a photo gallery of just some of Victor’s most memorable exploits.