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The challenges ahead may be more complicated than anyone involved ever dreamed possible.

It remains to be seen if Chance will return to Young & Restless with all of his faculties intact after presumably being involved in an explosion that killed other agents. He will definitely have a new face, and could very likely have amnesia and not remember his wife or their life together. Incredibly, this could end up being the least of Abby’s troubles…

Having realized that she wasn’t in the right state of mind to be responsible for Baby Dominic, who was crying right along with her as she processed and grieved the tragic loss of her husband, Abby had the wherewithal, at least, to hand the baby over to someone to care for him. Devon was the logical choice in her mind as one of her best friends, the person who had been there for her and the child since he helped deliver him, and who also just happens to be the boy’s biological father.

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Yes, Devon and Dominic share a special connection that is only going to get a whole lot deeper now that the baby is in his care and living in his home. One only has to watch the scenes of Devon holding the child, rocking him, feeding him and singing to him, to see where all of this is going.
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Hard not to see where this is going!

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When Amanda broached the idea of Devon changing the surrogacy agreement so that he could petition the court for custody of Dominic should something happen to Abby, he immediately nixed the idea, but something tells us he may just revisit it. Nothing happens without a reason on a soap, so the writers letting us know he could do that was a clue. Much has also been made in recent episodes of Abby having Victor and Ashley as her back-ups, neither of whom are at an ideal time in their lives to take on raising a child from infancy.

It’s all being set-up for a custody battle that no one could have seen coming — not even Devon, who would be the one to initiate it.

But what would Devon’s chances be legally? Well, should Abby disappear whilst searching for Chance, she’ll have effectively abandoned her son after willingly handing him over. In soap opera family court that could be all it takes to turn the tide in Devon’s favor. Having Chance turn up and not even know/remember that he’s a father certainly wouldn’t help Abby’s case.
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Was this a move Abby will come to regret?

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Right now we can’t imagine Devon ever trying to keep Abby’s baby from her, but if he bonds even further with the child and feels he’s doing what is right for the boy, it’s definitely not a stretch. It would be a battle that draws in and affects everyone in their lives. Mariah will certainly have an opinion, Amanda will be involved as Devon’s partner, and perhaps his lawyer, and of course, this could lead to Devon “taking on” Victor as well, which would be another emotional twist given he’s Devon’s mentor and a friend to his late father, Neil. Instead of coming home to bond with his son and reclaim his life, Chance may instead find himself facing absolute chaos in his personal life!

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What do you think would happen in a custody battle between Abby and Devon? Share your take with us in the comment section below, but first, look back on happier times for Abby and Chance at their wedding in the photo gallery below.