Adam is working with Gaines YR
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Abby comes to a difficult decision.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of November 15 – 19, Billy and Lily are in for a big shock. Read on for the details and watch the teaser video.

Abby had a hard time accepting Chance’s death, even wanting to go to Spain to find out if he was really gone. As she spiraled out of control, Mariah pondered moving back in to help take care of Dominic, while Devon also toyed with the idea of taking Dominic temporarily out of the house due to all the chaos. Next week as Abby realizes she needs to deal with her grief, she asks Devon and Amanda for help with her son.

Phyllis and Nick both came to terms with the end of their relationship, again, and Phyllis turned to her other ex and friend Jack for comfort. In the latest preview, Lauren asks Jack if he thinks he can be objective when it comes to Phyllis. A good question, especially given he’s never stopped loving her.

After confronting Adam about his vendetta against Billy and their company, she agreed with Billy that they had to do whatever it took to save Chance Comm. Billy told Adam if he didn’t stand down that he’d publish Camilla’s letter exposing what Ashland had done. Adam called Billy’s bluff, confusing both Billy and Lily. Later the two were stunned when Chance Comm ran with the story, yet neither of them published it. Adam and Victor celebrate their victory next week, and in a shocking twist, it’s revealed that Gaines was working with them!

Do you think Gaines willingly partnered with Adam and Victor? Or did they give him no choice? And what’s in it for him?

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