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Sure, he could reunite with Abby… but is anything on soaps that simple? 

When The Young and the Restless announced that Donny Boaz would be leaving the part of Chance back in February, we all assumed that the character would eventually return with a new face. And now that Conner Floyd has been cast and will begin appearing later this month, we can shift our attention away from the question of “Who’ll play Chance?” and instead ask, “What will happen when he rises from the dead?”

Now, were this real life, the answer would be simple: Chance would come home to his loving wife and newborn child and they’d all live happily ever after. But this is a soap and that wouldn’t exactly make for electrifying television, so we suspect there’s going to be much more to the story.

Young restless 12k episode

Above: Chance and Abby’s wedding was pretty much the last time the couple had any reason to celebrate. (Here, Chance was played by Justin Gaston, aka the real-life hubby of Abby’s portrayer, Melissa Ordway.)

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For example, what condition will Chance be in when he returns? Is the reason he was presumed dead that he’s been wandering around without a memory, which would provide a great new challenge for him and Abby to overcome. Can she remind him of the love they shared — which would be uber romantic — or will he find his eye drawn to someone else? Might he pretend to remember their love in order to erase the pain from Abby’s eyes, only to eventually break her heart all over again upon revealing that he’s been putting on a show?

Elsewhere, we already know that Chance’s mom, Jill, will be returning to the canvas… but surely she’s not the only one who’d want to celebrate his resurrection. While he and Ronan haven’t always been the best of friends over the years, they’re still siblings. (How do you not get past your issues when your bro gives you a life-saving liver, as Chance did?) And while we recently speculated that perhaps Chance might find himself drawn to newly-single Phyllis, it occurs to us that were Ronan to return, she might just as easily be drawn his way!

One thing we know for sure is that Chance will almost immediately find himself caught up in some baby drama, especially now that both Mariah and Devon have been bonding with Dominic. On the one hand, Chance and Abby could wind up being an unbeatable united front should either Mariah or Devon get it in their heads to pursue custody. However, if Chance’s recent experiences cause him to come home a changed man — whether suffering from the aforementioned amnesia or perhaps some form of PTSD — Mariah, already uneasy about the drama-filled nature of life in the Chancellor mansion, might become determined to provide the child she birthed with a more stable home.

Mariah, Devon, Tessa gather Y&R

Above: “Wait, we get to vote on who raises the baby? Are you sure that’s how this works?”

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Given that Chance isn’t exactly the kind of guy to sit around and twiddle his thumbs, he’s going to want to be where the action is at. A return to work at the Genoa City police department seems like the best option, although Abby might not like the idea of him diving back into such a dangerous profession given he just barely survived an undercover assignment. Not only could this cause stress in their marriage, but it might also lead to the return of fan-favorite Paul (and his wildly popular portrayer Doug Davidson). Sure, the actor has said he doesn’t see the show bringing him back, but if you know anything about us, it’s that we’re graduates of the “never say never” school of thought.

Before hitting the comments to tell us what you want to see happen once Chance returns to Genoa City, check out the gallery below in which we look back at his action-packed life. Who knows… flashing back on the past might just give us a clue as to what to expect in the future.