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The pic “has nothing to do with the post. But you stopped from scrolling so… here it goes.”

The Young and the Restless star Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) shared a really neat nightly ritual with her Instagram followers — one other families could benefit from by incorporating it into their own lives. Along with a photo of the gorgeous actress — one that she explained, “has nothing to do with the post” — Stafford reflected on the past year and a half and how hard it’s been for everyone, especially kids.

Always remaining “a stellar example of strength,” she went on to explain that every night she and her children, daughter Natalia and son Jameson, gather in her bed to say “something that we like about the other.” However, there’s a catch… They all take turns expressing something good about other until “somebody starts laughing.”

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“Some days it takes longer than others but I don’t stop until we are all laughing,” she stated. “It may sound silly and trite, but honestly… it’s been amazing.” She went on to give an example and said, “Even if one of your kids says what they like about you is that you ‘don’t wear your hair [in] that stupid ponytail’ just accept it and keep on doing the game.”

Stafford shared a special moment from one of their recent evenings when Jameson revealed his ‘something good’ about his mama, “I like that you have superpowers.” The CBS star later asked what superpowers she had, to which her son replied, “Love.” And just like that, her heart was filled. She gushed, “I was done. Laid out. These are the jewels of life.”

And Stafford couldn’t have said it any better by closing out her post with this statement: “I mean, it’s better than ending the night on social media, ya know?”

We agree!

View a photo of Stafford and her daughter in our gallery below featuring various daytime stars and their real-life kids.