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We really thought those crazy kids were gonna make it in the end. But if not…

If the crossroads to which The Young and the Restless has brought Nick and Phyllis really does lead them permanently in different directions — or as permanent as anything ever is on a soap! — that is, on one hand, very sad. They’re a supercouple, after all. (Revisit their tumultuous relationship here.) They’re a pairing so hot that it took some of the sting out of the end of “Shick.”

On the other hand, if Nick and Phyllis are really done done, it also opens up an exciting world of possibilities. Yes, she could decide to reunite with her other favorite sometime husband, Jack. As Michelle Stafford recently told, “She loves both of these very different men in very different ways.”

jack and phyllis in bed yr

But that relationship has a been there, done that quality to it. We’re more intrigued by the possibility of Phyllis with someone new. Imagine if she were to hook up on the rebound with Rey, whose marriage to Sharon has been, let’s be real, doomed from the start. Or contemplate the possibility — teased, we thought, when Stafford returned to the show in 2019 — of Phyllis getting involved with Adam. In both cases, we’d get something new and fresh — and as an added bonus, the affairs would make Sharon’s head explode.

On the flipside, we’ve been eager for some time now to see more sparks fly between Nick and Phyllis’ nemesis, Sally. The soap chemistry-tested Joshua Morrow and Courtney Hope a while back — whether deliberately or not — and they passed with flying colors. A Nick/Sally pairing would not only be smokin’, it would keep the redheads at odds.

What do you think, Young & Restless fans? Are you bummed that it looks like the end of the road for Nick and Phyllis — or, like us, tantalized by the possibilities? On your way to the comments, stop off at the below photo gallery, which revisits highlights of Nick’s life and times. Or let’s call it like it is — his life and (many!) loves.