Credit: Bjoern Kommerell, ABC

Love you,” Hughes replied.

Ah, now this… this is what friends are for. When Finola Hughes celebrated her birthday on October 29, she did so knowing just how adored she is by longtime buddy Michelle Stafford (with whom she once co-starred on Aaron Spelling’s Pacific Palisades primetime soap).

PACIFIC PALISADES, Standing (L-R) Dylan Neal, Brittney Powell, Greg Evigan, Finola Hughes, Jocelyn Seagrave, Lucky Vanous, Kimberley Davies. Sitting (L-R) Michelle Stafford, Jarrod Emick, Natalia Cigliuti, Trevor Edmond, 1997. © Aaron Spelling Productions, Inc./ Courtesy: Everett Collection.

Above: Looking for Stafford and Hughes in the Pacific Palisades cast photo is like playing a game of Where’s Really Attractive Waldo.

Credit: Aaron Spelling Productions/Courtesy of the Everett Collection

“Hey girl!” the Young & Restless leading lady began her Instagram post. “Finola, you are the greatest pal! You always have my back!

“See how I did that?” she added playfully. You’ll understand what she means once you’d taken a peek at the pic accompanying the message. Mind you, Phyllis’ portrayer was just getting started.

Stafford went on to tell the General Hospital star, “You are spectacular at everything you do! You always pick up when I FaceTime you. You know when to laugh at the joke. You cut through all bulls–t. You are kind and honest! Happy birthday to you!

“I am very happy that you are alive! And stayin’ alive,” she continued. “See how I did that, too!?”

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That last quip is of course a reference to the Saturday Night Fever sequel named after the BeeGees hit from the first movie. You may recall that it starred Joh Travolta and… that’s right — our very own Anna Devane.

On your way to the comments to send belated birthday wishes to Hughes, stop off at the photo gallery below to delve more deeply into some more real-life soap-star friendships.