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A fun treat for the little ones in your life.

The Young and the Restless fave Melissa Ordway (Abby) is back with a fun video — this time with her daughter Olivia and her very own “Alien Toast recipe.” The adorable mother/daughter duo gave a step-by-step demonstration as to how viewers can create their own holiday treat with Ordway starting out by instructing, “Step one: Butter on the toast,” with cute little Olivia showing everyone what comes next: “Cut the banana.”

Hey, wait a minute… Was that Ordway’s husband Justin Gaston sneaking out of the room?

Anyway, back to the recipe…

Her mom repeated Olivia’s second step to background music as her daughter finished cutting the banana — then it was time to build the toast. Adding apples to the mix, the two finished off by revealing their alien creations!

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A few weeks ago, Ordway posted a photo of her daughters and shared, “Olivia hasn’t been letting me take her picture recently and Sophie has come up with a style all her own.”

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Well, it looks as though things have turned around. Olivia didn’t appear shy in the video and just last week smiled for the camera in a sweet photo with her sister Sophie.

Before you head out for a relaxing weekend, don’t miss another family shot of Ordway and Olivia with Gaston and Sophie in our galley below, which features pictures of other soap stars and their real-life kids.