Billy, Lily idea Y&R
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Abby and Nina are in tears over the latest news.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of November 1 – 5, Billy and Lily could be walking into a trap. Read on for the details and watch the teaser video.

Phyllis and Nick have been at odds with one another, and much of it goes back to Nick’s family. He feels like he’s an outsider among the Newmans, yet at the same time feels the need to defend his family when Phyllis bashes them. Next week, Jack has dinner with Nikki and tells her that he feels for Nicholas these days as he’s not getting along with Victoria, Victor, or Adam. Nikki chimes in, “Or Phyllis apparently!” She asks Jack how much he knows about the tension between them. Jack knows his revealing he’s still in love with his ex-wife hasn’t helped matters. Will he be honest with Nikki?

Christine delivered heartbreaking news from an FBI contact to Abby regarding Chance. The building Chance was in as part of his mission exploded with no survivors. Holding onto hope, Abby maintained she felt Chance was still alive. However, when photos of Chance’s belongings found at the site started coming in, it seemed to confirm Chance was killed. In the preview, Nina and Abby tearfully embrace, and Nina cries that for a moment it didn’t seem real. Is Chance really gone or have they gotten new information that he is in fact alive?

After Gaines went missing during Victoria and Ashland’s wedding, it didn’t take Billy long to suspect Adam was behind it. Victor and Adam decided to declare war on Chance Communications, and Ashland was on board with their plan. While all the details weren’t revealed to the viewers, it does involve using Gaines and they are certain Billy will fall for it. So when a ruffed-up Gaines turned up on Lily and Billy’s doorstep claiming he has nowhere to go, it’s not safe for him, and begs them to hide him… we have to wonder if this is a trap?

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Video: Team_Shey/Twitter