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Looks like Abby may not be wearing widow’s weeds for long!

To quote the famous tune by The Eurythmics, “Sweet dreams are made of this.” Even as The Young and the Restless‘ Abby was receiving bad news about the fate of her on-assignment husband, viewers received a sign — courtesy of Amelia Heinle’s Instagram feed — that perhaps Chance’s wife was right to hold out hope.

Let’s back up a bit. You’ll recall that in the episode which aired on October 22nd, Christine told Abby that during what was supposed to be the final days of Chance’s undercover mission, he’d been in a building which had exploded. According to Christine’s sources, there had been no survivors. Abby, however, refused to believe what she was hearing, insisting that the love she and Chance share is so strong that were he to have been killed, she’d have felt it in her soul.

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Above: Abby thinks the rumors of Chance’s demise are greatly exaggerated.

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As longtime soap watchers, we were #TeamAbby on this one. Surely Chance wasn’t dead! While his demise would open up several story possibilities — including Mariah perhaps deciding to fight for custody of Dominick, believing herself to be as capable as a widowed Abby of raising the baby — it just didn’t feel quite right. In fact, we’ve suggested since first Donny Boaz’ exit as Chance was announced that the character would eventually return with a new face… and what better way to facilitate that transition than via a post-explosion visit to a plastic surgeon, right?

Well, we’re now more convinced than ever that our speculation was on the money. Because if you look at Heinle’s Instagram post below, you’ll notice a few things.


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First, there’s the people sharing the frame with Victoria’s portrayer. “Dreams of my favorite people,” reads the caption as co-stars Jess Walton and Bryton James hover above her. As viewers know, Walton’s Jill isn’t currently on the canvas, so it seems both will soon be returning for a visit!

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As to the other return Heinle’s photograph seems to be hinting at? Well, take a close look at the background. It seems a party is being held in what looks a whole lot like the lobby of the Grand Phoenix Hotel. And the sign above the table just happens to have the name “Chance” on it! Sure, this could be a celebration of the supposedly-dead man’s life, but we’re willing to bet the portion of the sign you can’t read says “Welcome Home,” leading us to the natural conclusion that Abby’s husband is about to rise from his premature grave!

What do you think, Young & Restless fans? Are we on the right track, or do you think our detective skills have led us to an entirely faulty conclusion? Share your theories below, then check out this gallery in which we offer up a list of actors we suspect could be walking in Chance’s shoes if and when he reappears.