Billy dilemma Y&R
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Michael makes a request of Amanda.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of October 25 – 29, Billy seeks out help dealing with Victor and Adam. Read on for the details and watch the teaser video.

Billy revealed Gaines’ video confession to Ashland but agreed not to publish it for Victoria and the children’s sake. However, when Gaines didn’t go through with his threat to send it to other outlets, Billy became suspicious. He confronted Victor about what he had done to Gaines. Victor claimed innocence but promised to crush Billy and take everything from him unless he found a new line of work. Coming up, Ashland happens to overhear Victor and Adam plotting against Billy and his company and confronts them. Will they come clean, and will Ashland approve of the move seeing Billy just offered him an olive branch?

Meanwhile, Billy and Lily knew that Victor and Adam were coming after their company, and Billy realized they had to go on the offense. He suspected Adam was the one who got his hands dirty in dealing with Gaines, and if they could pin a crime on him, it would take out Adam and Newman Media in one move. Billy goes to Rey of all people and asks him for help getting justice for Gaines and finally ridding them all of Adam. Adam is Rey’s least favorite person, but moving against him could put him at odds with Sharon. What will he decide to do?

After her mother Naya was reluctant to turn evidence against her grandfather Sutton for the murder of her father Richard, Amanda got help from Victor in setting a trap and recording Sutton confessing. Next week, Michael reaches out to Amanda and asks her to testify against her own grandfather. Will Amanda take him up on the offer to get justice for her and Hilary’s birthfather?

Finally, Christine stunned Abby and Ashley with news about Chance. He was on the last leg of his mission when the building he was in was hit with a bomb and there were no survivors. Abby knew if Chance had died she’d have felt it. Abby and Ashley are forced to wait for news, which Christine receives more of from her contact at the FBI.

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