Courtney Hope, Sally, Michael, Phyllis, Victoria, Jack marriage advice Y&R
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As it turns out, soap characters are a little jaded when it comes to weddings.

As most readers know, Young & Restless’ Courtney Hope is engaged to Chad Duell, who plays Michael on General Hospital. As the couple are slated to wed this coming Saturday, October 23rd, according to Zola’s wedding planning site, the excited bride-to-be went on the hunt for marriage advice from her co-stars — or to be more specific — from their characters/ While the words of wisdom made a certain kind of sense if you’re living your life on a daytime drama, we’re not so sure how well they apply to the real world…

First up was Peter Bergman, whose character, Jack, has lived and learned a lot when it comes to love and marriage. “Jack” advised, “Don’t let your family be any part of this,” and given the ups and downs of Genoa City’s Abbott clan, we can’t say we blame him for directing her to “make her own decisions.”

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Amelia Heinle, as Victoria, suggested her co-star marry a man “that is not going to be around for very long… especially if he has a lot of money.” That sounds a lot like Ashland Locke, but doesn’t apply so well to Hope’s situation as we’re fairly sure she wants Duell to live a long happy life. Onward…

Eileen Davidson warned Hope to make sure her husband doesn’t have an “evil twin,” and noted that her counterpart Ashley “married the evil twin.” Yeah… good one!

Christel Khalil’s Lily raised the red flag about husbands who let you think they’re dead and that you’ve slept with a ghost. We just… That’s gotta be a unique situation, right?

As Chloe, Elizabeth Hendrickson told Hope not to be giving her wedding away to her ex-husband’s new wife, as Chloe handed hers over to Victoria and Billy. We don’t think Hope has an ex-husband, so she should be all clear on that front. Also, Hope confirmed she won’t be giving her wedding away to anyone else. Good girl.

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Finally, Young & Restless’ “Phyllis” advised Hope, “Don’t do it,” while “Michael” and “Amanda” simply chimed in unison, “Pre-nup.” The actors, Michelle Stafford, Christian LeBlanc and Mishael Morgan, then gave Duell a shout-out to prove there were no hard feelings. Watch the fun for yourself in the post below!

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