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Aww… we’ll have what they’re having, thanks.

The significant other of Camryn Grimes turned another year older on October 19, but who’s keeping score? Ah, right — she is. “Brock Foster Powell — 33, Death — 0,” she Instagrammed.

She didn’t add, “In your face, Grim Reaper!” but c’mon, it was pretty much implied — and delightfully so. Along with her post, the Young & Restless leading lady shared a series of candid photos of the voice actor, with whom she’s been “official”-ly coupled on social media since September of 2020. (The last pic is our favorite, by the way; we’re not sure what just rose up from that water or what was about to, but we wish we did, based on the expression on Powell’s face.)

“Happy birthday to the one and only, the truly inimitable,” Mariah’s portrayer wrote to her boyfriend. “Thank you for giving me 33+ things to be grateful for.

“I love you,” she added.


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Regular readers of will recall that in the spring of 2020, the Emmy winner (for her earlier Young & Restless stint as Mariah’s ill-fated twin, Cassie) came out as bisexual, elaborating that “my bf is bisexual, and it was during conversations with him that it just clicked.

“Honestly,” she went on to say with a laugh, “[I] feel stupid I didn’t come to the conclusion sooner.”

On this cheerful occasion, keep the good vibes flowing by flashing back to highlights of Grimes’ epic run(s) as Cassie and Mariah via the below photo gallery.