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How can there not be the mother of all custody battles in store for the Genoa City supercouple?

To put it mildly, Young & Restless fans haven’t been too thrilled with the way that Kyle and Summer have been treated. First, the show let Michael Mealor and Hunter King walk, then it brought back their characters for a visit, only to have them report that they’d gotten hitched — off screen!

“Aaargh!” we cried in unison.

But the show could make it up to its audience. When Mealor and King are eventually returned to the canvas — and does anyone really think that they won’t be? — it could tee up for them a doozy of a storyline, one in which the newlyweds are forced to fight for the one thing that they love more than each other: Harrison.

Sure, the boy’s mom is behind bars at the moment. But how long do you really think a rich bitch convicted of a white-collar crime is going to remain incarcerated? Hell, Tara will be out in time to buy herself a new spring wardrobe. And once she is free, she’s going to have one thing and one thing only on her mind.

No, not her son — revenge.


Above: If the show decided to take Tara in a different direction, we could imagine Terri Conn (Katie, As the World Turns), Lindsay Korman Hartley (Theresa, Passions) or Alicia Minshew (Kendall, All My Children) giving a sharp new edge to the role.

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To that end, Tara will use Harrison once again, hauling Kyle and Summer into court to reclaim the boy. That is, unless they can offer her some alternative that would allow her to live in the style to which she’d like to stay accustomed. “You know what might do it?” she asks.

“Kyle’s not divorcing me to marry you,” Summer barks.

“God, no, I’ve outgrown him,” Tara purrs in response. “I’m ready for someone more mature but equally wealthy.”

“Who?” Kyle asks.

“Who’s your daddy?” she replies, eyes sparkling like gold coins.

While Kyle and Summer pick their jaws up off the floor, Tara explains that if Jack will marry her into the Abbott clan — and its lavish mansion — she’ll drop the custody case and let “Skyle” keep Harrison. It’ll drive Kyle and Summer crazy to in any way have had to give in to the schemer. It’ll drive Phyllis crazy to see her ex with this woman she loathes. And it’ll drive Jack crazy to be with this woman that he…

Dang it. Jack detests Tara at first. But she’s no one-note gold digger, he’d soon discover. And before long, his marriage of convenience would become a passionate affair from which he didn’t want to escape. 

Jack, Harrison, Zippy Y&R

Above: “Look, Harrison! You got early acceptance to Swiss boarding school!”

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So boom, there you have it — an explosive story that would bring “Skyle” back to the frontburner and let them work together against a common enemy, give Jack not only a storyline but a love/hate interest, and a way to move the next generation (Harrison) into the Abbott mansion. On your way to the comments to share your thoughts — or got a better idea? — stop off at the below photo gallery, which reviews characters we desperately want back not only on The Young and the Restless but all the shows.