Doug Davidson reunites Steve Ford Y&R
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

“It’s the state of television,” sighed the Emmy winner.

Not a day goes by that fans of The Young and the Restless don’t ask Doug Davidson on social media when he’ll be back as Paul Williams. Unfortunately, as he’s said before, “I don’t see me going back, but all of you are so incredibly wonderful. Thank you.”

When a follower lamented that apparently, it wasn’t up to them whether Paul was reinstated, Davidson grew reflective. “It’s the state of television,” he suggested. “I find it remarkable that after 42.5 years [on Young & Restless], I haven’t heard from the network at all. No ‘Thank you for your service,’ a phone call.

“Many gifts from the first 25 years… not a peep from this group,” he added. “I don’t think it’s personal. New era. Still grateful.”

On a lighter note, Davidson was asked by fan Joy Mathys to tape an intro to her Paul and Lauren video tribute — and he did it, along the way finding a surprise or… several! “To be quite honest, there are many scenes in it that I don’t remember,” he admitted. During the height of that storyline, “we were getting used to doing the hour [after being only a half-hour show until 1980], and we had very long taping days” — and even longer scripts, it seemed like.

To keep the wheels turning, “we would forget what we did the day before,” Davidson said, “so we could remember what we were doing that particular day.”

You can check out the video above, then scroll through Paul’s whole life in pictures via the photo gallery below.

Video: YouTube/Joy Mathys