max page reed heart surgery yr
Credit: Sean Smith/JPI

It has been one fight after another but the former daytime actor comes out on top and remains strong.

To say it’s been a rough year for The Young and the Restless alum Max Page (ex-Reed) is an understatement, but we are very happy to report that things have taken a turn — for the better — and he currently has something to look forward to… his first day back to his senior year of high school! His mom Jennifer has kept fans in the loop during Page’s heart battle and revealed last night that the former actor had acquired COVID following his latest surgery.

In September, Page suffered from sporadic fevers then had to have another surgery to replace his leads and pacemaker, due to his heart condition. However, after his recovery from the procedure he had an unexpected hospital stay after being stricken with COVID “when it was almost time to return to school.” Thankfully his symptoms “were mild” and now that his “isolation has been served” Page is “super excited to rejoin senior year!” Today!

Jennifer gave Page and his brother some praise. “Life gives you legit challenges and you handle them well… always focus forward boys!”

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And on Thursday, October 7, she posted a photo of Page to celebrate his 17th birthday.

We wish the fierce fighter continued good health and hope he enjoys his senior year of high school to the fullest!

Though he’s all grown up now, we will never forget that his journey began as a childhood daytime star, as was the case for so many others. View our gallery below filled with photos of some of soaps’ cutest kids.