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Billy could probably stand to take a page from his portrayer’s book.

When last we saw The Young and the Restless‘ Billy, he was caught up in a major dilemma: Would he publish the video he’d received from Gaines and, in doing so, likely destroy Victoria’s minutes-old marriage? Or would he and Lily delete the Ashland-incriminating evidence and let one of the other outlets to whom the blackmailer planned to send the video publish the story?

Billy approaches Ashland, Victoria Y&R

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Heady stuff, indeed, right?

While we we were left sitting on the edge of our seats by this unfolding drama, Billy’s alter ego, Jason Thompson, had other things on his mind and they were, frankly, far more important. Because what could possibly take precedence over enjoying a beautiful day with his two children, Bowie and Rome?

Realizing this was the kind of moment that should be captured, Thompson — grinning ear to ear — did so while singing “Good morning” to both the kids and his followers, then kindly shared it with the world, as you can see below.


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The handsome actor — whom you’ll recall formerly played Patrick Drake on General Hospital — then told viewers to have a good day, which it sounded like his brood was about to do. How do we know? Because, at least according to Bowie, the trail upon which they were hiking led to a trampoline… and if that doesn’t sound like a good time waiting to happen, we don’t know what does!

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Meanwhile, no matter what Billy and Lily decide to do about the Gaines situation, look for them to head back to Genoa City by midweek. Wonder if attending a big, romantic wedding has these two thinking about perhaps putting their own pasts behind them in order to begin a whole new life together by making things official? As we wait to see what happens next for the pair who’ve so far proven capable of mixing business and pleasure, why not peruse the gallery below in which we look at Billy’s relationship with Victoria, if only to see how he and Lily can avoid making some of the same mistakes!