YR ashland victoria wedding fashion mashup
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

You’re cordially invited… to check out these show-stopping fashions! 

While we generally think of The Bold and the Beautiful as being the show on which fashion plays a crucial role, The Young and the Restless proves this week that it knows a thing or two about glitz and glamour as your favorite stars get all dolled up for the wedding of Victoria Newman and Ashland Locke.

Victoria and Ashland announce engagement YR

Above: Theirs is the perfect merger of business and pleasure!

Credit: CBS screenshot

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Obviously, there’s been a whole lot of drama leading up to the big event, what with the groom’s secrets slowly coming to light. “Through it all,” says Ashland’s portrayer, Richard Burgi, “Victoria has stood by him. And at this moment in time, there is nothing he wants more than to see what their life together will bring. She is at at a place in her life where she can not only be supportive of Ashland but meet him in this place where they’re both ready to live a more full, vibrant life than maybe either of them was able to before.”

Now, their friends and loved ones have gathered in Tuscany, Italy for what promises to be the wedding of the year… or the disaster of the century, given that at least a few people would love nothing more than to see the ceremony turn into a train wreck.

Billy, Gaines revenge Y&R

Above: Call us cray, but we’re pretty sure Gaines wasn’t on Victoria’s registry. She’d probably rather Billy give her a gift card and call it a day.

Credit: CBS screenshot

Even should the worst come to pass, however, at least everyone in attendance will look their very best. From the most adorable ring bearer ever to the special guests who themselves just tied the knot, Genoa City’s finest will be dressed to the nines. Join us now as we take a moment to peruse the photo gallery below featuring outfits worn to not only the big event the some of the events surrounding it. Don’t worry if you’re feeling a tad underdressed… we’re still in our pajamas.