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“I miss playing Summer!”

For all the complaining we fans often do about stories that drag on too long, sometimes, things happen quickly on our soaps. Take, for example, Tara’s downfall and the resulting reunion of The Young and the Restless’ Kyle and Summer. After months of misunderstandings, manipulations and miscommunications, the beleaguered couple finally found their way back to one another and began a new life in Italy.

Just like that, the young lovers were living their best life — and raising Kyle’s son, Harrison — and we wanted to be happy for them… but there was one slight problem: Because Michael Mealor and Hunter King had been unable to negotiate new contracts, the bliss being experienced by their alter egos was unfolding entirely off screen… including last week’s wedding, which we heard (via guests Victor and Nikki) was a beautiful ceremony but didn’t get to see for ourselves.

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Above: These pictures from their previous wedding will have to suffice for now!

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This week, however, King and Mealor bring Skyle back to the canvas so that Summer and Kyle can attend Ashland and Victoria’s nuptials. And while many fans are still bitter about the wedding we didn’t get to see, that doesn’t diminish the excitement of this week’s appearances. And as it turns out, the feeling is mutual.

In a recent chat with Soap Opera DigestMealor called the fans “truly inspiring. Something we did resonated in their hearts and that’s such an amazing thing to me, because that’s the goal when you’re telling stories.”

Both he and King were amazed by the support shown them upon their departure. “For months, there was an outpouring of constant comments and messages after we left that was truly incredible,” he said. “I was only on the show for three-and-a-half years, and I haven’t seen any comings and goings that really had this response. Not to toot my own horn, but to give praise to the fans.”

Added King, “Summer and Kyle have had such a great love story over the years and a majority of fans were really rooting [for them to] get their happy ending. I have so much respect for what the writers have done with our characters, and I have so much love for the fans for all of the support they’ve shown us over the years.”

Kyle, Summer in bed Young and Restless

Above: We like to imagine that Summer and Kyle lay in bed at night planning their Genoa City return.

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Would the actors consider a future return to Genoa City? “Of course, I would love to come back,” admitted King. “I miss playing Summer! Young and Restless will always have a huge place in my heart. I’m not sure exactly what the future holds and how often I’ll be back, and how often they want me to come back, but I’m always open to coming back… so we’ll see what happens.

Mealor echoed the sentiment, saying that he loves everything about the show. “It’s just so much fun to go and act with these people again, so of course I’ll always be back when they call!”

So what say you, Young & Restless viewers? Share your thoughts on a possible long-term Summer and Kyle return, as well as what story you’d like to see play out for them. (Something tells us you want a Skyle baby!) Then check out the gallery below in which we chronicle the pair’s love story… bumps-in-the-road and all.