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Prepare for a lot of drama in the days leading up to the power couple’s wedding of the century.

There have been weeks of build-up to the wedding of Victoria Newman’s dreams, which is being held at the sumptuous Italian palazzo given to her and husband-to-be Ashland Locke as a wedding gift by her parents. Revelations about the groom’s past have rocked the relationship, but Victoria has remained steadfast in her commitment to marry her man, and it’s all systems go with just days before the ceremony. So, what could go wrong? A lot, apparently, as an ex is looming, another shocker is set to come to light, and someone has their sights set on Victoria’s designer wedding gown. It’s not all bad, however, as there will be some returns certain to put smiles on viewers faces. Here are seven things to watch for as we go into ‘wedding week’:

A Return from the Past

In addition to Tessa singing, Nikki managed to secure a commitment from a celebrated pianist to perform at Victoria and Ashland’s ceremony. It just so happens she’s a blast from the Genoa City past! Yes, Janice Lynde is returning as Leslie Brooks, a character from one of Young & Restless’ original families. She appeared from the show’s debut in 1973 until 1982, made several reappearances over the decades, and was revealed to be an aunt to Theo Vanderway, which gave her a tie to the Abbott family.
Leslie, Nikki, Victor, Jack Y&R

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Family Feud

Despite being disinvited from the wedding over his decision to dig into Ashland’s mysterious past in New Jersey, Nick shows up in Tuscany with Phyllis hoping to make amends with his sister. Given that Victoria told their father Victor that Nicholas would have to earn her forgiveness, the stage has been set for a clash when she finds out he’s on the premises. Will he stay or will he go? That is the question…

Unwanted Attendee

Having thwarted Victor’s security team, taken Adam’s warning with a grain of salt, and totally disregarded Nikki’s order to stay away from the wedding, watch for Billy to show up in Tuscany undeterred from his mission with someone in tow… and we don’t mean Lily. This can only be smarmy blackmailer Jessie Gaines, whom Billy had stashed at his apartment along with a lot of cash and a plan to bring down Ashland Locke and stop the wedding. It’s going to hit the fan in Italy and we have to wonder if, thanks in part to the unwanted guest, Billy’s plot will blow up in his face.

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The Great Italian Dress Swap

While Adam made it clear to Sally that they’re not dating and not even friends, he DID allow his gung-ho employee to bum a ride on his jet to Italy so as to try and get the wedding gown she designed in front of Victoria, whom she’s convinced will refuse to wear anything else once she lays eyes on it — despite Sally being the designer. Watch for Adam and Sally to team up, presumably to get the job done for the good of Newman Media’s fashion division. Previews show Sally pulling a switcheroo in Victoria’s closet, but which the bride ultimately wears down the aisle remains to be seen.

Characters on the Hot Seat

It seems Billy and Lily, who will be joining her other half at the wedding after traveling from California where she’s been spending time with her daughter, Mattie, are gonna have some ‘splainin to do at the nuptials. Since Billy doesn’t realize that Victoria already knows the truth about Ashland’s manipulation of Camilla Rhodes’ will, it’s likely they’re going to be put on the spot to explain what exactly they hoped to accomplish with their investigation and what they plan to do with the information given that it could impact Newman-Locke if it gets out. Will Billy and Lily agree to keep the past crime a secret, or will they be determined to publish the gritty details for clicks?!

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Summer and Kyle’s Return

Despite the shocker of their own civil ceremony happening offscreen, Summer and Kyle will attend the nuptials of Ashland and Victoria — with Harrison joining them so as to get some time with his ‘father’, Locke. It remains to be seen if we’ll actually see the cutie-patootie, but Michael Mealor and Hunter King are returning to mix it up with the cast in the wedding scenes and will be a very welcome sight for the fans who have missed them since they moved to Milan! Might the two return for a longer visit to Genoa City? When the actors were asked that very question, here’s what they had to say.

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A Shocking Discovery

This could be anything from another secret from Ashland’s past to realizing that Victoria forgot to wear her ‘something blue’, but Nikki will make a shocking discovery just ahead of the ceremony taking place. She might come upon Gaines lurking and hoping to take revenge on Ashland as she stands at the altar, or learn that Ashland’s not really terminally ill… Whatever it is, we’ll have to see if it’s enough of a humdinger to stop the wedding, or if it’s just another little blip on the radar — you know, like the groom actually being Bobby DeFranco.

Are you hoping Victoria and Ashland will say, “I do?” Let us know in the comment section after taking a peek through photos of Ashland and Victoria’s relationship in the gallery below.