Mishael Morgan tragic accident Y&R
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The star is living her dream as Genoa City’s Amanda Sinclair after a life-altering event changed everything.

Young & Restless star Mishael Morgan actually wanted to be a lawyer when she was growing up, but an unforeseen and tragic twist of fate changed her perspective and led her instead down the path that would find her playing not one, but two characters on the #1 daytime soap opera.

Morgan, a native Trinidadian who moved to Canada at the age of five, told Trinidad and Tobago Newsday about the life-changing turning point that occurred for her at the age of 19. During a visit to the islands over the Christmas holiday, she was out with her sister and cousin when tragedy struck. Sitting in the backseat of the vehicle, and having fallen asleep, Morgan knew nothing of the car accident they were involved in until she woke up in the hospital with a broken neck.

It was throughout the long recovery in hospital that Morgan began to re-examine her life and goals. She had “wanted to be an attorney my whole life,” but realized, “I always had this hidden love for acting, and I realized I would regret not doing it if I really was paralyzed.”

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During the many hours spent “lying just staring at the ceiling,” Morgan recalled that she spoke to God and said, “If you give me another chance and I get to walk again, the one thing I’ll do is try.”

Upon her return home to Canada she did just that, and eventually landed the role of Hilary on Young & Restless.

After Hilary was killed off, Morgan was brought back to the soap as her twin sister, Amanda, who, as we know, is an attorney. This meant that in an unexpected way, the actress’ dream of becoming a criminal lawyer came true, though as she joked, “This way it’s more fun because I don’t have to worry about the consequences of losing a case or doing all that paperwork. I just have to act like I know what I’m doing.”

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Now that Amanda and her half-sister Imani have plans to open their own legal practice in Genoa City, we look forward to seeing Morgan ‘living her dream’ to an even greater extent in courtroom scenes. How fun will it be knowing that she’s living her best life as we watch her in action?!

Michael, Imani, Amanda Y&R

Amanda and Imani may soon square off against Michael in court!

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

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