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That face, though! The camera loves you, Rufus.

Recently, Michelle Stafford announced a joyous comeback. “So,” she explained, “I used to do this thing called Days of Fun. It would be 25 Days of Fun or 15 Days of Fun. I would change the time on it.

“Anybody who has followed me for at least the last eight years knows what I’m talking about,” she added. “For whatever days I say, you do one thing that day that’s ‘fun’ for you and post it and use the hashtag with it.”


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The Young & Restless leading lady did just that on October 17, and the photo definitely qualified for best in show. “This new family member of ours — Rufus — is wild and crazy,” she captioned a shot of the pawsome pooch who now shares a home with the actress and her kids, Natalia and Jameson. “He has already dug up all of our flowers in the front. He lays down on his pee-pee pads and pees on the wood floor. He jumps on my white sofa with his muddy paws. He thinks our hands are chew toys, but… ”

And you knew there would be a happy “but,” didn’t you? “We love him so much!” Phyllis’ portrayer went on. “He has added so much life to our home!”


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With that, Stafford expressed her gratitude to her followers. “Thanks for playing this game of Five Days of Fun with me. We’ll do it again!” she promised. “Go have fun today!”

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