Credit: YouTube/State of Mind

Almost 10 months after the Emmy winner first shared the eye-popping pic, it’s been rediscovered and its meaning made clear.

You know the photo. We all know the photo. It’s the one that Christian Jules LeBlanc dropped in December of 2020 in which his muscles can’t be contained by his tank top, and his thoughts…

Well, if they remain locked in his head, it’s just barely.

A little late to the party, General Hospital leading lady Lisa LoCicero (Olivia) asked the Young & Restless Emmy winner on October 6, “Is that a sexy posture harness, my friend?”

“Next question!” replied Michael’s portrayer. But LoCicero wouldn’t be deterred. She was, as anyone would be, fascinated. “The point is.. I can tell you are truly contemplating your next move!” she said. “I can tell by the nonchalant placement of the hand.

“And more importantly,” she added, “should you need to tumble forcefully (backwards) out that window, some masterful piece of ergonomic invention will erupt from your back!”

Feigning outrage, LeBlanc “corrected” the actress. “No! Lisa! This is a still from my new Weather Channel movie of the week Not Without My Croissant, in which I play a member of the French resistance who parachutes behind Nazi lines to disrupt a heinous plot to kidnap famed French pastry chef Phillipe de la Trop Gros.

This particular still captures the poignant moment when Beau Joli Cul (me) confronts severe heat stroke due to early sirocco winds blowing off the Mediterranean,” he continued. “Beau chooses to leave his uniform behind and make the jump clothed only in his parachute, Gaelic panache and dry wit!”

So there you have it, after all this time. Now it all makes sense! While you’re here, stop off at the below photo gallery to peruse more pics of LeBlanc. There are fewer parachutes and pastry involved, but the images will take you through the entirety of his tumultuous life as Young & Restless’ Michael.