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Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

On October 7, the actress made armchair stylists of her Twitter followers.

If there’s one thing that we soap fans have an awful lot of, it’s opinions. So Melissa Claire Egan knew that her followers wouldn’t disappoint when she turned to them for a little bit of advice on October 7.

The occasion: After being away from The Young and the Restless on maternity leave — her and husband Matt Katrosar’s baby boy Caden was born on August 21 — she was “switching up my hair again before I go back to work.

“What should I do?” she asked. “Blonde again? Chop it? Bangs? ’80s perm? Hmm… ”

The replies that Chelsea’s portrayer received from her impromptu social-media focus group ranged from “layered medium-length” to “highlighted and beach waves.” On-screen mother Catherine Bach (Anita) suggested that Egan “go blond like your mama!” Her former All My Children castmate Alicia Minshew — Kendall to Egan’s Annie back in the day — cheered that she should go with the “’80s perm all the way.

“Then,” she added, “we will be twins.”

Later, Egan returned to Twitter to unveil her lovely new look (which you can see below). She also wanted to express her gratitude to her army of at-home stylists — in other words, you. “Done!” she wrote. “Thanks for the input today, guys!”

When you’re done taking a gander at Egan’s new ’do above, you can check out more soap-star makeovers in the below photo gallery, a collection of before-and-after images that might just give you an idea about your next look.