Billy investigate Y&R
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It’s the week of the big event and everyone is there, even the uninvited.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of October 11 – 15, Billy makes a last attempt to stop Victoria’s wedding. Read on for the details and watch the teaser video.

Residents of Genoa City begin arriving in Tuscany for Victoria and Ashland’s wedding. As Jack, Nikki and Elena comment on the beautiful magic of the countryside, Summer and Kyle, fresh from their own wedding, make an appearance. Even Leslie Brooks is in attendance to perform at the ceremony, and her presence puts a smile on Jack’s face.

After hitching a ride to Italy with Adam, Sally puts her plan into motion to make sure Victoria wears her dress for the wedding. She sneaks into Victoria’s room to switch out the wedding gowns, but will her plan succeed when she’s in danger of being caught by the bride herself?

Ashland finally revealed the secret he’s kept for over forty years to Victoria, that he and Camilla Rhodes’ lawyer, Jessie Gaines Sr., faked a codicil to Camilla’s will leaving her estate to Ashland. He was originally cut out and left with nothing, which left his younger son seething. Victoria was rightfully angry with her husband-to-be but agreed to go through with the wedding in order to protect the merger.

Meanwhile, Billy convinced Jessie Gaines Jr. to spill what he knew, after paying him a lot of money and promising him protection. Gaines provided him with the original letter from Camilla explaining why she left Ashland with nothing, and Billy convinced him to go to Italy with him to blow up the wedding. Unfortunately, once he arrives, he’s greeted by Victor and Ashland, and Ashland has big news to tell Billy Boy. Will Billy fail to stop the wedding, or do he and Gaines have another ace up their sleeves?

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Video: Team_Shey/Twitter