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Shocking new information, a swap, an unexpected surprise, and a huge moment of truth.

Young & Restless’ wedding of the century is one that Genoa City residents lucky enough to be on the guest list will be talking about for years. In fact, given the line-up of characters and storylines set to collide and explode at the luxury venue, even folks who weren’t invited are bound to be burning up the telephone lines (OK the group chats) when the drama unfolds and word begins to spread…

A Tale of Two Dresses

Sally has made it her mission to get Victoria to “say ‘yes’ to the dress.” The dress she designed, of course. The trouble? Sally is persona non grata with the Newman clan after she plotted against Summer; she’s even on thin ice with her boss, Adam, the one member of the family willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. Sally’s so confident, however, that she went ahead and had the dress made at a huge cost, but her plan still has a long way to go — all the way to Tuscany actually. Adam is clearly Sally’s only “in,” but it’s going to require all of her powers of persuasion to convince him to help, as he’s not going to be up for anything that might irk Victoria on her big day given their extremely tenuous relationship. Even if Sally gets him to bring her along to Italy, she’ll still have to find a way to get the dress in front of Victoria before the ceremony. We’re assuming once she does, Victoria will be so awestruck by the one-of-a-kind gown that she’ll agree to wear it on the spot. After that, it’s only ahem, fitting, that Sally should be extended an invitation to the nuptials. If only so we can see the look on Phyllis’ face when she realizes she can’t even escape her nemesis by traveling overseas!

Phack Attack?

With Nick disinvited from his own sister’s wedding after digging for — and finding — dirt on her fiancé, it’s possible that Phyllis will find herself spending more quality alone time with Jack, who recently declared his undying love. They’ve had a few close encounters lately that left the redhead a little twitchy, and we have to wonder how many more “moments” they can possibly share before something happens between them. Will the situation come to a head when they’re all in Tuscany? How do you say “awkward” in Italian?!

Baby Rabies

Let’s face it, Mariah’s been struck with a serious case of baby rabies after parting ways with her beloved “Bowie,” and she isn’t particularly interested in listening to naysayers who are telling her it’s too soon to be thinking about starting a family after what she went through. She’s in complete denial about her new plan being a kneejerk reaction to the surrogacy and doesn’t seem to be hearing Tessa, who is trying to let her down easy. The question is, how far will she go to achieve her new goal? Presumably, Mariah will attend the wedding in Italy with Tessa, who signed on to sing during the ceremony, and Young & Restless spoilers indicate that the determined redhead will surprise her girlfriend. We can’t help but wonder if she’ll have lined up someone to act as a sperm donor for the baby she wants so badly — and who better than her half-brother Noah, who we’re guessing will show up at the shindig. Of course, Tessa would be blind-sided by the idea, not only because she’s not interested in carrying a child, but because Noah is her ex and things got messy when he found out she was dallying with Mariah behind his back. An adverse reaction from Tessa could spell big trouble for her relationship with Mariah, something that Cait Fairbanks warned was coming . Would Noah comfort his former lady love, or might he be too busy chatting up the bold and beautiful Sally Spectra? Undoubtedly, her finely attuned rich guy radar will start going crazy from the moment the Newman hottie enters the villa!

Noah surprise Y&R

Will Noah put in a ‘surprising’ appearance?

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Willy-Nilly Billy and The Bickersons

Billy has been a thorn in Ashland’s side from the minute he decided not to sell Cyaxares to Chance Comm. Getting involved with Abbott’s ex-wife only added insult to injury, and though he claims none of his actions are motivated by jealousy, Billy has made it his mission to uncover “the truth” about Locke before he can make things official with Victoria. Though he’s come up with little more than theories until now, shocking information falls into Billy’s lap right before the wedding is set to take place. This prompts him to enact a plan, which can only lead to a scene at the ceremony. Meanwhile, Nikki and Victor will find themselves on opposite sides of a matter, which is most likely the issue of whether or not Victoria should go through with the wedding. Not that it’s up to them to decide, but if Billy reveals his findings, it could sway Victoria to change her mind.

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The Moment of Truth

It will all come down to the moment when Victoria weighs everything that has come to light about her groom and would-be husband and renders a decision as to whether or not to go through with the wedding. Victoria and Ashland’s love story captured the imaginations of many a viewer, who saw them as the power couple of soap opera dreams, and yet the writing wreaked havoc on the Ashtoria romance before they could even get to the altar. Will Victoria go through with the nuptials, if only to protect the precious merger between Newman Enterprises and Locke Communications, or will she decide that the personal cost is too high and pull a “runaway bride?” Or will Billy’s actions cause the decision to be taken out of her hands entirely?!

What do you think will go down in Tuscany? What are you hoping will happen? Let us know in the comment section after diving into Ashland and Victoria’s love story in the photo gallery below.

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