Christian LeBlanc yr michael hw
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Bless his heart, the Emmy winner is as cheeky as he is handsome.

Few and far between are the actors who are as adept at setting the Internet ablaze as Christian Jules LeBlanc. He doesn’t even have to write anything, he just has to post a photo of himself looking drop-dead gorgeous. Or, for short, a photo of himself.

But, being the wit that he is, the Young & Restless leading man does tend to caption his images, and in hilarious fashion. Case in point: On September 27, Michael’s portrayer Instagrammed out a picture taken by former castmate Robert Adamson (ex-Noah).

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The shot itself was enough to render speechless Young & Restless’ Brad, Don Diamont (now Bill on The Bold and the Beautiful, of course). And it prompted Bold & Beautiful alum Winsor Harmon to playfully warn LeBlanc to, ahem, “put those guns away before you get arrested.”

LeBlanc, thankfully, couldn’t let the picture just say a thousand words. He cheekily added his two cents two, captioning the portrait, “… the one where Robert Adamson captured me getting lost in my own eyes… ”

Funny, right? And par for the course for LeBlanc, whose comments are so often as memorable as his images. Take, for instance, his remark on this especially formal shot…

And who among us doesn’t love a shout-out to Dynasty? All that’s missing is shoulder pads and a catfight!

While you’re here savoring both LeBlanc’s sense of humor and his camera-friendliness, check out the below photo gallery, a collection of images that takes you through the actor’s entire Young & Restless run as Michael, the highs, the lows and everything in between.