Ashland's Latest Secret YR
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Will Victoria go through with her wedding to Ashland?

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of September 27 – October 1, Ashland’s latest bomb may put a halt to the wedding. Read on for the details and watch the teaser video.

Billy and Nick both get bad vibes from Ashland, who has gone to great lengths to hide his true identity from everyone. He’s claimed he came from a broken abusive home and simply wants to forget his upbringing, but there is clearly more to it. When a mysterious man named Gaines appeared in town and began blackmailing Ashland, Billy and Nick started putting the pieces together. Gaines is from New Jersey, where Ashland was able to purchase his first radiostations from a wealthy older woman.

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Nick makes a trip to New Jersey this week, and in the latest preview, Billy opens up to his brother about the fact that he won’t let Victoria marry a man whose life is built on lies and deception. In an earlier preview, Billy’s actions get him uninvited to the big wedding by Nikki! However, he feels confident that Victoria is finally starting to question Ashland’s lies.

Victoria finally confronts Ashland and feels he’s still keeping things from her. Clearly, Billy and Nick must be making progress, because Ashland comes clean with Victoria in this teaser video. Whatever he says stuns Victoria who can’t believe he could do what he did. We’re betting through whatever Ashland tells Victoria is only part of the truth if it’s even the truth at all. Will Victoria have a change of heart about marrying him after his latest confession?

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Video: Young & Restless/YouTube