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A special night together, huddled at the hospital.

Last week alerted fans that The Young and the Restless alum Max Page (ex-Reed) had been experiencing health issues, surrounding “sporadic fevers,” prior to another surgery to replace his leads and pacemaker. The heart surgery, described by his mother Jennifer as “tricky… due to scar tissue buildup,” took place Monday, September 20, at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

While Page waited in pre-op, he left a video message for fans that began with, “I just wanted to thank everybody for their support. It’s meant so much throughout this entire process. I can feel every single word of every single prayer.”

Jennifer also expressed her appreciation “for every person who has ever prayed for — thought goof thoughts for — or impacted my son” and has since returned with some great news. Following his surgery, Page is now “settled in ICU.” While she looked forward to today when “he should be more awake and begin to walk, breath exercises and hopefully get chest tube out,” Jennifer reported how grateful they are “for many wins today – no bypass, no transfusions.”

She later reported, “Max has been moved from ICU back to Acute floor. He gets his chest tube out soon so that will be much more comfortable. Onward!”

Over the weekend, the family ended Sunday on “a high note,” with their sports teams coming out on top. “Dodgers, Chelsea and Ravens won,” Jennifer stated. “It was his trifecta. [We] said the things we needed to say and then pinky promised no tears until after handoff.” And he also enjoyed some of his favorite Los Angeles pizza.

We wish the high school senior a speedy recovery and all the best in the future!

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Page’s Reed has been SORASed since his time on the CBS soap and others have come and gone as well. But for those still contributing to the drama in Genoa City, we invite you to look at the gallery below featuring cast portraits for your viewing pleasure.

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