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The fan favorite’s answer isn’t quite as simple as yes or no.

The big question fans are always asking Daniel Goddard is whether he would return to The Young and the Restless and the role he played for 13 years. Sure, a simple yes seems like the obvious answer, but it’s a little more complicated than just coming back to the show that he loved so much to play Cane again.

We last saw Cane in Genoa City getting embroiled in Katherine’s will debacle, which left him chasing Colin to clear his name. But given the character’s many ties to those on the canvas — not to mention how much Cane is loved by fans — it seems like a no-brainer that Goddard and his alter ego might return..

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But when we asked the actor directly, his response was not quite what we expxcted! “That’s a good question,” he said, seeming to choose his words carefully. “I would very much entertain it. There would have to be some different circumstances based upon the way the whole thing came to an end, which is a chapter out of Eric Braeden or Jeanne Cooper’s tell-all book.”

The actor went on to reveal some of what he’s learned about himself since leaving the soap, as well as his thoughts on the Cane and Lily relationship… including why he loved the storyline in which his alter ego wound up making out with Victoria! Check out the entire interview above, then visit the photo gallery below in which we relive the high — and low — points in Cane and Lily’s relationship.