Restless Rant
Week of November 30 – December 4:

The past week of The Young and the Restless was what I like to think of as a building week. There are no more than a few gasp-worthy moments, it’s not hilarious, nor overly exciting, but a solid show is delivered each day that furthers the storylines, and builds anticipation for what is to come. The downside of weeks such as this is that they tend to have dull parts. However, it struck me this week, as it often does with Y&R, that the fantastic acting often makes the difference between what might have been a boring scene, and one that is quite compelling!

Daniel’s Drama: Yes, this has been dragged out, but the acting has made it worth watching anyway. I could watch Christian LeBlanc (Michael) read a pizza flyer and be riveted! Added bonuses such as the clash of the redheads (Phyllis and Deacon), and the return of Hothead Heather who always gets the blood boiling, have enhanced this storyline.

Daffy Daisy: Well, this chickie has turned out to be a real wingnut – sticking her hand in a candle flame to cause a distraction – oh my!

This whole thing is a hot mess! I can’t stand to see Sharon in bed with that leech Adam – I have to actually look away. Then there is the plaque situation – I actually enjoyed the scenes at the cabin – Josh Morrow (Nick) had a good emotional scene at the tree, and I loved the creepy scene with Ashley staring at the plaque afterward too. However, what I don’t like is that everything is feeding back into this tired old Sharon/Nick/Phyllis triangle. Even having Jack go running over to the tack house to tattle after seeing Sharon and Adam – is this high school?! I really would like to see Sharon and Nick get their baby back, but aside from that, I truly wish to see these characters involved in something completely different storyline-wise.

Mac Attack With Cheese: Looks like it’s baby-time for Mac/Cane/Lily. I loved the scene with Michael and the ‘paperwork’ – talk about foreshadowing – does anyone else think that Lily will nearly die and Mac will bond with the baby – and maybe Cane too?! The hugging scene on the couch really was cheesy though. As for Mac dumping Billy after finding out he slept with someone else – the scene gets my award for ‘Most Emotionless Break-Up Scene Ever in a Daytime Drama’.

Chancellor Industries IPO: I totally enjoyed Neil’s reaction to Katherine bringing Kevin into the fold – so funny! He was right too – Gloria was onto Kevin like a bloodhound! Michael’s plan to throw Glo and Jeff off the scent was great – but I bet it won’t last long. As much as I enjoy Gloria and Jeffrey sometimes – I’m feeling like they’re becoming cartoonish, and wish they could be used in some other capacity than ‘buffoonish schemers’. What is particularly intriguing about the Chancellor IPO is how this new guy, Tucker McCall, wants in – and how JT is keeping things from Victoria in business. By the way, since when do billionaires send their Head of Security out to cut business deals on their behalf? Just asking…

Paul’s Problem: Although they didn’t touch on this a whole lot this week, I find it interesting that Paul is concerned about Emily and Jack dating – and Emily isn’t. He made many good points, such as it being an ethical conflict of interest, and most importantly that if Pattycakes finds out…well, you know.