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“This came out of the blue.”

Over the years, we have kept fans updated on The Young and the Restless alum Max Page (ex-Reed), who was born with Tetralogy of Fallot, a congenital heart defect. In fact, back in December, we reported that he had undergone another surgery to replace a pacemaker beneath the skin of his chest to help control his heartbeat.

We’re sorry to report that the former soap actor, who is now in his senior year of high school, is experiencing some health issues. His mom Jennifer shared a photo of Page in Children’s Hospital Los Angeles “experiencing sporadic fevers” while “facing another surgery to replace his leads and pacemaker.” She went on to explain that the surgery is “tricky due to scar tissue build-up” and asked everyone to please say a prayer for her son, whose only request is to have a “no-fever day.”

In a later post, Jennifer updated, “15 more vials — praying for answers… surgery is postponed until at least Monday. So until then we will make the best of it.”

While the teen is focusing on “trust, worship and peace,” his mom just hopes “Max can heal quickly and get back to his senior year!”

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We’re rooting for Page and wish him a speedy recovery. And of course, we’ll also share any further updates from his mom with our readers. Fun fact: Did you know that Page appeared as a little Darth Vader in a 2011 Super Bowl commercial? Yep, that was him!

As we reflect back on Page’s run as Genoa City’s young Reed, a role he held from 2009-15, take a look through our gallery below filled with photos of some of soaps’ cutest kids.

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