Credit: John Paschal/JPI, Howard Wise/JPI (3), Sean Smith/JPI

On September 19, 2019, the actress headed home to her old soap in a new role.

The Young and the Restless’ viewers asked for it — and got it. Three years ago today, after being killed off as Hilary Curtis, Mishael Morgan was returned to the canvas as Amanda Sinclair, a lawyer who resembled the supervixen in every way but those bangs. Or so it seemed.

Beneath the surface, Amanda has proven to be as different from Hilary as, say, Adam is from Nick. “In terms of the general description of the characters, they’re very similar, which I was happy about just because I like playing strong women on TV,” Morgan told Michael Fairman TV a few weeks after her new role was revealed. But “Hilary had this very malicious, unscrupulous side to her… I don’t know if Amanda has that.”

Over time, we’ve learned that nope, the attorney is more of a straight shooter, someone who’s less likely to hatch a plot than to foil one. Nevertheless, Amanda would have liked to have known Hilary, the lookalike she had no clue existed before she met the late GC Buzz host’s widower, Devon Hamilton. “Being the person who played Hilary and plays Amanda, I feel Amanda’s loss even though I’m the one who played Hilary,” Morgan told TV Insider in 2020. “There’s a feeling of loss and that Amanda can’t get any closure. Hilary’s gone. Amanda is stuck in this place of ‘Oh, I had a sister, but I don’t have a sister.’”

At least she has lots — and we do mean lots — to distract her these days, what with navigating the creaky branches of her newfound family tree and embarking on a relationship with brother-in-law Devon. You, too, have lots to distract you, come to think of it — by way of the below photo gallery, which revisits highlights of Morgan’s stints as both Hilary and Amanda. Take a peek!

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