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Look back on the foes that gave us some of the most memorable catfights and confrontations in Genoa City.

Today’s the big day when we finally get something of a catfight between Young & Restless’ Phyllis and Sally, who have been at each other’s throats for months now. First over Jack, and then over Sally scheming to get Summer out of Genoa City. The ‘battle of the redheads’ is one we keenly hoped for back when Sally first arrived on the scene and took an interest in Phyllis’ ex, and with it all coming to fruition, we couldn’t help but think back on the best rivalries from the past…

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The Young and the Restless is practically synonymous with the rivalry of Victor Newman and Jack Abbott, who have done each other dirty for decades. If not competing for the attentions of Nikki, they were battling in business or butting heads over their children and relatives. Jack’s friendship with Adam, for example, was a real kicker for The Mustache.

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But many fans would also call Katherine and Jill’s epic rivalry the most legendary in the number one daytime sudser’s past. Those bickering boss ladies were everything — and they didn’t just trade insults — their run-ins quite often became physical!

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And yet, there were so many others of note. The early days had the likes of Lorie and her sister Leslie, while more recently we saw Summer and Lola go head-to-head for the affections of Kyle. The aforementioned Phyllis… well, let’s just say we could do a whole feature on her rivalries alone. From Cricket to Sharon to Abby, she’s had enemies galore and they’ve all been memorable for one reason or another.

As we anticipate the fun upcoming scenes between Phyllis and Sally, join us for a look back at Young & Restless’ most memorable rivalries complete with confrontations and catfights, in the gallery below.

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