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Will a soapy twist see two of the guests tie the knot instead of the intended bride and groom?

Young & Restless’ Victoria has gone all in (and is going all out!) when it comes to committing to her new love, Ashland. With a huge, splashy wedding planned in Italy, and the protective males in her life unable to unearth any decent dirt on the groom, it appears all systems are go. But will they still be a ‘go’ when they meet at the altar? We’re concerned…

It would be a twist indeed if neither Billy nor Victor were able to find something incriminating enough on the groom to throw a monkey wrench into the wedding of the century, particularly since he’s known as the Locke Ness Monster — one doesn’t earn a moniker like that for being squeaky clean!

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So far, whatever tracks Ashland has left in his past have remained firmly covered, but the foreshadowing is heavy that a terrible secret will be revealed — and what better time for it to finally be discovered and shared than right before Ashland’s about to seal the deal, if you will, with Victoria by marrying her?

If the wedding of the century turns into the scandal of the century, will the lavish preparations be abandoned? We think not. After all, this is a soap. Remember when Victoria and Billy stepped in and got married at the church after Kevin called off his wedding to Chloe at the last minute?

Given we’ve just had word that Michael Mealor and Hunter King will return, could Kyle and Summer be the pair to step in if Victoria calls off her nuptials? Since their brief visit is slated for October, which is when the wedding will be held, and that they are slated to attend with Harrison, it’s a safe bet. When the pair announced their departure from Young & Restless we speculated that their send-off would involve a romantic Italian wedding — and this would certainly be one way to accomplish it.
Kyle, Summer wedding Y&R

Will Summer and Kyle get their Italian wedding after all?

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Of course, it would be awful for Victoria, and would leave us wondering if she and Ashland will ever get a happy ending of their own.

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Let us know your thoughts in the comment section, but first, take a peek at the many faces of Kyle and Summer’s love in the gallery below.

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