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It’s a good news/bad news scenario for fans. 

It’s been a rough couple months for fans of Young & Restless‘ Summer and Kyle. After weeks of rumors suggesting that portrayers Hunter King and Michael Mealor would be exiting due to failed contract negotiations, the speculation proved to be true. First Summer was blackmailed into leaving town and soon after, Kyle joined her in Italy.

But now, Soap Opera Digest reports that the actors and their much-loved alter egos will be returning to the soap in October. Unfortunately, while their scenes — which are being taped as we speak — will air over several days, it is not a permanent homecoming for Kyle and Summer. Instead, this will be a temporary visit.

Indeed, when the actors departed, both made it clear that they didn’t believe this was truly the end of the road where their connection to the soap was concerned. “I do hope to always have Summer in my life in some capacity,” King told Digest. “What that will continue to look like, I’m not quite sure yet, but I know that I hold her very near and dear to my heart.”

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Mealor, too, had high hopes for a return as Kyle. “Who knows what happens?” he mused to Digest. “With the fan support, maybe Kyle will be back sooner than we think.” Those words clearly turned out to be truer than even the most devoted Skyle fan coud have hoped!

No word yet on exactly what brings the characters back to the soap or even whether Kyle and Summer will be seen in Genoa City or Italy. While fans are hoping this is the first of many appearances — or perhaps an indication that the actors might eventually reach a contract agreement with the soap — some hope that perhaps it means they’ll get a bit of closure?

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Could Young & Restless have decided that the couple — and by extension, those who love them — deserve the kind of happy ending that comes with an exchange of vows? While plans are currently in the words for a Victoria/Ashland wedding, some — like Miss T — wondered if perhaps there might be a switcherooo at the altar!

Only time will tell exactly what brings Kyle and Summer back to the canvas. But while we count down the days to their return, why not look back on their epic romance via the gallery below?