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They say that blondes have more fun — and on August 26, a “new” one had some with us.

Camryn Grimes is known for many things. The talent that made her an Emmy winner at an age when some of us were still struggling to tie our shoelaces. The candor with which she conducts herself on social media. The loveliness that seems to radiate from within her.

But what we picture first when we think of her is probably her hair, the lushest mane of red tresses this side of Tina Louise. So, to put it mildly, it came as a shock when on August 26, she shared to Instagram an LOL-worthy TikTok video of herself with much lighter locks.


Above: Like Ann-Margret and Tina Louise, Grimes has always left us seeing red, so to speak.

Credit: Courtesy of the Everett Collection (2), Denis Guignebourg/JPI

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“So,” she explained, “my former agent grandmother always used to say growing up, ‘Camryn, you would look so good as a blonde.’ So this one is for you, Grammy!”

It was a joke — we think — just a filter that gave Mariah’s portrayer her extreme makeoever. But it was still jarring, so much so that Grimes herself judged the look thusly: “Just… no.”


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In response, fans tried to be supportive of her transformation into a blonde… but couldn’t help favoring her original look. “Ginger is your moneymaker,” declared cherieheavn. “Agree — no,” chimed in ashleika. “Your hair is amazing — the color, the curls!”

While we wait to see whether Mariah turns up on screen with tresses as light as Abby’s, or if it was just as we suspect, a laugh on Grimes’ part, check out the below photo gallery of other soap stars who for sure did remix their appearance to stunning results. It’s a collection of makeovers so startling, they’ll make you look twice!