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The Emmy winner’s humorous tweet inspired some serious responses.

Eric Braeden was just trying to show us the funny when he tweeted out a video titled “When You Buy a Ferrari After Retirement,” in which a senior citizen is seen struggling mightily to get out of a sportscar. “That’s why I’m not considering retirement!” joked the Young & Restless star, adding that the hilarious scenario “begs the question, how did he get into it in the first place?

“But then, we know how shiny new toys awaken the child in us!”

It’s a cute video, and even the old guy in it is amused, not distressed. (You can watch it above.) Many of Braeden’s followers just had a laugh. Castmate Greg Rikaart (Kevin), for one. “I’m certain that’s how I’d exit a Ferrari,” he wrote back.

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Some folks, however, were twigged by the soap icon’s use of (shudder) the R word, even to say that he would never leave Genoa City. “You’re right, Mr. B,” said Janmarie Talbot. “No retirement for you… Stay right where you are.”

Hiltrud Altit second that emotion. “Eric,” she wrote, “never retire.” Diana B. Adams expressed her relief at Braeden’s reassurance that he wasn’t going anywhere. “Thank goodness!” she exclaimed. “There would be no Young & Restless without you!”

Certainly, there could be no Victor Newman without his longtime portrayer. That’s why he’s front and center in the below photo gallery of actors whose roles can never, ever be recast. Check it out and see who else is irreplaceable.