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Warning: The following post contains partial nudity. If you’re easily offended, you might want to avert your eyes.

“‘What does it mean to me to be a woman?’ I pondered.”

With those words, Brytni Sarpy began an Instagram post that looked deeply inside herself and the perspective that she hadn’t always known she’d taken on. It would be the beginning of a journey of understanding for the actress, well known to fans of The Young and the Restless as Elena (and General Hospital as Valerie).

“Oddly, even with [‘woman’] being a favorite title, I realized my particular take on womanhood was cultivated in rejecting all of my yin [female] energy,” she wrote. “I understand, as most of the world does, the value in being a man. I understand the obvious strength and power masculinity can exemplify.”

That being the case, Sarpy has attempted in the past to tap into her male side. “I spent an inefficient amount of time throughout my 20s trying to connect with my yang energy, in order to ‘succeed’ and ‘excel’ in life,” she shared. “My conditioning came from the value society places on brawn and masculine traits, coupled with being raised by an exceptional father who made the idea of being a man seem heroic to me.

“I hadn’t realized,” she added, “that there was an entire examination of my female self that I had failed to explore.”


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With that, Sarpy concluded her post with “coming soon,” suggesting that she’d be disclosing to her followers what revelations that exploration had yielded. And accompanying her message was, as you’ve by now seen above, a gorgeous photo that we took to represent her struggle to get free of her own mindset and reevaluate her thoughts on being a woman.

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