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Jordi Vilasuso’s wife Kaitlin is thankful they “didn’t walk away.”

Kaitlin Vilasuso, wife of Young & Restless star Jordi Vilasuso, who plays Detective Rey Rosales, took to social media to share reflections on how the pair persevered through a rough patch in their marriage — and how glad she is that they did!

Not unlike his daytime alter-ego, Rey, whose marriage to Sharon has been on thin ice in the past, Jordi Vilasuso’s real-life union also suffered what his wife described as a “bump.”

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Sharing a favorite quote, Vilasuso’s wife explained, “‘It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it.’ (!!) This quote took on a whole new meaning for me when Jordi and I got through the first ‘bump’ in our marriage.”

It seems the difficult time occurred before their second daughter was born, as Vilasuso recalled, “I remember getting through the ‘yuck’ (for lack of a better word) and looking at little Riley and our little family of three and thinking, ‘Wow… thank you, Jesus, that we didn’t walk away from this.’”

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The reflective post comes one year after Jordi and Kaitlin Vilasuso suffered a miscarriage, which, as Vilasuso explained, was another challenge for the couple: “Working our way through a loss that broke my heart in ways that neither of us could have anticipated or really understood – was certainly no exception.”

She continued, “Marriage after miscarriage has been a different kind of hard… but, as I look so forward to celebrating our 9th anniversary tomorrow, I look at this man and our sweet girls and my heart literally could burst with gratitude for the fact that it is always worth it.”

In an interview with, Jordi Vilasuso spoke of the couple using therapy as an effective tool to overcome marital hurdles. He explained, “There are two people in a relationship and you’re going to have two different points of view. You’re on that journey with another person and that involves compromise. I know for myself, you get stubborn, you get proud, and you kind of get these blind spots that prevent you from being where you want to be. But if you’re married and you love someone, you want to be on the same time, and I think therapy can really, really help with that. I know it has for me.”

Inspiring words from an inspiring couple! Happy anniversary, Jordi and Kaitlin Vilasuso!

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