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One more good deed could catapult the heroine’s ex back into her arms.

Those of you who have been saying that it’s only a matter of time before The Young and the Restless reunites Sharon and Adam, especially in light of the fact that their portrayers are an off-screen item, can go ahead and start rehearsing your “I told ya sos.” Because now that he knows that Mariah is missing, the likelihood of their getting back together just got upped to near certainty.

“How’s that?” you ask. “He’s not even involved in the case. Heck, Rey is the one investigating it.”

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Obviously, Adam is not only destined to get involved in the search for Mariah — dad Victor already is — he’s all but sure to be the one to return her to Sharon and her loved ones. By having Adam ride to the rescue, we figure the show thinks that his redemption tour will be complete, and all will be forgiven.

Where many a viewer is concerned, the show will be right, too.

Adam and Victor talk business at Society Y&R

Above: “Me… a hero? I could get into that.”

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A large contingent of the audience has long championed a “Shadam” redo. And those against Sharon repeating what they see as a past mistake would have a tougher time poo-pooing the notion of a rematch after Adam forked over a kidney to save Faith (yes, whom he once kidnapped and let her mom mourn) and saved Mariah.

Would it change Adam’s… let’s say unfortunate history, which includes everything from pretending to be Justin Hartley, er, Gabe Bingham to plotting to blow up his entire family? No. But if everyone can forgive Victor for imprisoning his first wife’s lover in his bomb shelter (and keeping him alive on a diet of rats!), sicking on Jack not one but two mentally ill women (Patty and Kelly) and sticking a fake Jack in Phyllis’ bed, surely we can say “Bygones!” to Adam, too.

What do you think? Will it be Sharon’s former husband, not her current one, who saves the day and Mariah with it? And will that pave the way for “Shadam 2.0”? (Or would that be 3.0 by now? We lose count.) Hit the comments with your thoughts, but before you do, check out the below photo gallery of Adam’s life and loves, for better and worse!