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The Emmy winner will be “sending you all love,” she told her followers, “just not on” Instagram.

“I’m trying this experiment,” Michelle Stafford announced on August 11. “I am going to not watch the news and not be on social media for two weeks. I’m going to see if anything changes in my life — for the better.

“It’s been really challenging for all of us,” the Young & Restless leading lady continued. “I don’t think reading about or seeing or listening to people fight or degrade each other on TV or SM is really beneficial to my life or my creative life.”

Hence, her temporary shutdown. “In two weeks, I’ll actually tell you how it goes,” explained Phyllis’ portrayer. “I’ll share with you what I learn.”

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In the meantime, Stafford will be one busy bee. “What I will be doing,” she said, “is helping my kids start their new year in school. And what I will be doing is working on this new project that I’ll tell you all about when I come back… “

Color us intrigued. “And what I will be doing is sending you all love,” she concluded, “just not on social media. It’s a fun experiment. You are all extraordinary. See you in a couple weeks.”

In response to Stafford’s announcement, a number of her daytime pals chimed in. “It did it in July,” said Arianne Zucker (Days of Our Lives’ Nicole). “It’s fantastic! Have fun living in the moment!”

“I’m in,” declared Finola Hughes, who plays Anna on General Hospital, where Stafford originated the role of Nina.

“Oooh,” exclaimed General Hospital castmate Laura Wright (Carly). “I wanna do this, too.”


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What do you think? Could you imagine shutting off social media even for two weeks? On your way to the comments, review the below photo gallery that counts down daytime’s top temptresses, Phyllis among them (of course!).