Sally and Chloe meet on Y&R
Credit: CBS screenshot

Phyllis may be celebrating a little too early.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of August 9 – 13, a new friendship could spell disaster for some in Genoa City. Read on for the scoop!

After knocking Tara out of the picture, Phyllis celebrates with Amanda and toasts to saving the world from selfish and manipulative people. However, she may be tooting her own horn a little too soon! Amanda also has reason to celebrate, as she’s slowly getting through to her mother about what type of man her grandfather Sutton really is.

With Tara in jail, Sally is all on her own. That however may change when she runs into Chloe, who can’t believe they haven’t met before then. Could these two form an alliance? If so, Phyllis and Adam better watch their backs!

Finally, Sharon has become increasingly worried about Mariah, who has been out of town for some time. Of course, nobody yet knows she’s being held, hostage. Sharon turns to her husband for advice, and as cop he tells her something that likely isn’t what she wants to hear.

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Video: Young & Restless/YouTube