Summer admission Y&R
Credit: CBS screenshot

The truth, and nothing but the truth, is about to be exposed by Phyllis.

In another Young & Restless preview for the week of August 2 – 6, Summer finally confesses the truth. Read on for the scoop!

In a previous spoiler video, Phyllis turns to Eric Forrester for help exposing how Tara and Sally teamed up to drive Summer away from Genoa City, her family, and Kyle. He must have given her some good ammunition because in this latest promo Phyllis gloats that the truth is about to come out! Even Phyllis’ portrayer Michelle Stafford, who shared the video, got a laugh at her character’s vicious line when it comes to the scheming Tara!

Tara wanted Summer gone so she could sink her hooks into Kyle, and Sally wanted her out of the way so she could take over her position at the Jabot Collective. The two schemers succeeded, or so they thought!

In the promo, Tara cries to Sally that if anyone learns that she blackmailed Summer into leaving that her life will blow up. Well, she better get ready for an explosion! Over a video chat, Summer tearfully tells Phyllis and Nick that Tara forced her to leave town. Phyllis vows Tara won’t get away with it. And it won’t just be Tara that suffers, if Sally’s part comes out then she’ll lose her job.

But with Michael Mealor revealing his days as Kyle are numbered on the CBS soap, will Kyle and Summer get their happily ever after? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Video: Michelle Stafford/Twitter