Summer, Kyle wedding Y&R
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A big clue about Summer and Kyle’s future may have been revealed in her conversation with her grandmother Nikki.

Young & Restless may have dropped a big clue as to the future of Summer and Kyle in a seemingly innocuous conversation between Summer and Nikki during their visit in Italy.

While Victor was satisfied with Summer’s insistence that she was fine with her decision to walk away from Kyle and Genoa City, Nikki wasn’t buying the brush off so easily. After some probing, Summer admitted that while it ‘felt right’ to be in Italy working her dream job at Marchetti, the ‘not being with Kyle’ part of the equation still wasn’t adding up.

Reading between the lines, Summer was saying that her life would be perfect if only Kyle could be with her in Italy. Our immediate thought: What if he could? And what if that’s where all of this is headed?

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Back in Genoa City, Summer’s mom Phyllis is also working hard — at exposing Sally and Tara — and it’s a safe bet she’ll be successful, sooner rather than later. Like a dog with a bone, Phyllis isn’t going to let this go, and she’s already got her prey scrambling after manipulating them into an argument she captured on security footage and later sent to Kyle and Jack.

While Kyle has still been trying to defending Tara, Phyllis has managed to plant the seeds of doubt. Expect things to unravel, as Tara’s day of reckoning is fast approaching and her role in Summer’s departure will be exposed, after which Kyle is almost certain to head overseas.

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But what of Kyle’s son, Harrison? Call us cynical, but we think Tara may have switched that paternity test in order to secure herself a place in the Abbott family.

If our speculation is even close to correct, and knowing that Michael Mealor has confirmed his exit as Kyle along with Hunter King’s rumored departure from Young & Restless, might the couple’s swan song look a lot like the future Summer spoke of to her grandmother?

We could definitely see “Skyle” reuniting to resume their lives together in Italy. Not only might we get a romantic overseas wedding as a last hurrah, but the scenario also would leave it open for the characters to return at a later date either together or separately.

What do you think? Will Summer and Kyle get their happily ever after? Relive the moment ‘Skyle’ got engaged in Chancellor Park via the photo gallery below.

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