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The Daytime Emmy winner didn’t caption the picture “sexy beast,” but let’s be real, the shoe would have fit. Snugly.

If there was an Olympic gold medal for hotness, The Young and the Restless’ silver fox Christian Jules LeBlanc would’ve won it on July 25 with the portrait of himself that he captioned, “Hey. Michael 2.0.”

It’s a simple shot, really, just the actor gazing intently into the camera, scruff framing his impossibly chiseled cheekbones as his gray hair falls across his forehead with the kind of deliberate messiness that ordinary mortal men can only maintain for about 30 seconds after they leave the salon. But the Internet went bonkers.

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Virtual thumbs-up were given by Young & Restless castmates past, like Jessica Collins (ex-Avery), Abhi Sinha (ex-Ravi) and Maura West (ex-Diane; now General Hospital femme fatale Ava, and present, such as Bryton James (Devon), Brytni Sarpy (Elena) and Lauralee Bell (Christine).

However, the person who summed up the image best may have been one of LeBlanc’s followers, Vicki DeCoite, who remarked that “maybe the only good thing to come out of COVID-19 is your hair color.”

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When you’re done eyeballing LeBlanc’s handsome countenance above — take your time, it’s too good to rush — check out the below photo gallery, which lines up and plops down before-and-after images of a whole bunch more soap stars who have undergone remarkable transformations. They’re makeovers that’ll make you go, “Whoa!”