Phyllis and Tara talk at Abbott estate Y&R
Credit: CBS Screenshot

Phyllis confides her plans for Tara to Amanda.

In the Young & Restless preview for the week of July 19 – 23, Tara better watch her back! Read on for the spoilers…

After Billy overheard Sally and Tara discussing the video of Ashland berating Tara that she leaked to the media, he went straight to Phyllis. The two teamed up to take Tara down, knowing she likely had something to do with Summer calling off her engagement to Kyle and leaving town.

This week Phyllis confronts Tara, who says she would do anything for her child, as would Phyllis, and sometimes people get hurt. The only problem? Tara hurt Phyllis’ child!

In this weekly preview, Phyllis tells Amanda that she’s certain Tara will stop at nothing to get her hooks into Kyle, and she’s not about to let that happen. Phyllis swears her takedown of Tara will be steady and calculated, but she is going down! Do you think Phyllis will succeed? So far Tara seems to have everyone, save for her soon-to-be-ex Ashland, snowed at what a victim she’s been, and portrayed herself as nothing but sweet. Even Phyllis’ ex Jack is taken by the blonde! However, if anyone can take her down, it’s Phyllis.

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Video: The Young and the Restless/Instagram