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“We don’t really get to see Adam laugh all that often, do we?” Come to think of it… no. No, we don’t!

Life hasn’t been particularly easy for The Young and the Restless‘ Adam, or so he would tell you. Sure, he’s handsome and rich, but it’s not often that he’s actually happy. What he only recently came to accept was that much of the misery in which he’s allowed himself to wallow has been self-induced. He has, as portrayer Mark Grossman tells, “often been his own worst enemy.”

Long before Grossman became the fourth actor to play Victor Newman Jr. as an adult, the character had done some incredibly twisted things — from seducing attorney Rafe to kidnapping Faith — which to this day some members of the family struggle to forgive. “What I like about his past actions,” says Grossman, “is that it tells you this is a character who is unpredictable. He’s got that cold, con-artist side which allows him to be ruthless, but he can also be compassionate.”

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While he enjoys the complexity in that, Grossman admits that as an actor, “at times it can be challenging to find a grounded reason to explain why you’re doing something. ‘Where is this coming from?’ But so much of what he does now is rooted in the past.”

If there’s one thing Grossman would love to see more of, it’s Adam’s lighter side. Against all odds, we’ve seen bits and pieces of that during scenes between long-estranged brothers Adam and Nick, who’ve each been trying to put their old issues aside ever since Adam saved onetime abductee Faith’s life. “It would be nice to see them at least try to attempt to get along and maybe develop some sort of relationship.

“We see Adam so tormented a lot of the time, disgruntled and twisted about things, so I think it would be nice to see another side of him,” he continues. “I like Adam’s edge, but an opportunity to see his lighter side would be nice. I mean, we don’t get to see him laugh all that often, do we?

“Obviously,” he adds, “the worst thing that could happen — and this is true of any character — is for him to become one-note. Thankfully, that’s not really an issue with Adam, because he’s so incredibly complex.”

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What do you think, Young & Restless fans… could you imagine a day in which Adam and Nick become — gasp — pals? Or do you think the past will always cause Nick to resist the idea of letting his little brother get too close? Share your thoughts in the comments section, then check out the photo gallery below in which we look at the incredibly complicated man that is Adam Newman.